Bruine Beer - φμ
Better known as φμ when unicode works or $\phi\mu$ if we want to do fancy math style. Previously (in earlier versions) also known as ‘Generative music for sleeping’ (or more informally even orthosong). Whatever the name, it is a work I made in 2016 and edited and expanded in the...
Bruine Beer - Non-particular dream/Keno uitslag
These tracks have been laying around for quite a while, and I have always enjoyed them myself. However they have only been released in the most obscure places: there was this vuilbak compilation cassette called ‘Stort Vol.2’, which was a limited edition release of size 3 (a threefold increase compared...
vuilbak record-label
L. R. Flores - Sportsmen In Doubt
Hello people, we are excited to announce the first album by new Vuilbak artist L.R. Flores, noted member of the Blaarmeersen Liberation Front. 10 songs assembled in the dark thickets of an urban park with acoustic guitars and drum computers that invoke the spirits of museum love, grand historical failures, 2017 post-collegiate grief, the Coupure, Aubrey Graham and mystical utopianism. Enjoy!
Mandris Phinx - Balkan Hitchhiking
Mandris Phinx has come up with a beatiful field recording album. No guitars, no fingerpicking, no more drowning in his sweet and deep voice. Mandris gives us the auditive travellers experience like the quiet american or Lieven Martens. It feels almost if we're allowed access to a restricted private travel diary. Like with many field recording - exclusive albums, this is probably not the kind of record you will return to once a week, however it is a highy recommended listen for when you're in the mood for an auditory voyage.
Bruine Beer - Kabbelen
We are very glad to anounce the new Bruine Beer album Kabbelen, almost half a year after his critically acclaimed mini-album Kielzog and more than a year after his last full length release Hout Hakken. Kabbelen - the purposeless flowing of things, rivers, streams, thoughts, this music, ... Kabbelen takes again a whole new angle to the Bruine Beer sound (if such a thing exists) and focusses mainly on field recordings and more "classic" ambient tracks. It is ambient in the more original sense in that it can be easily ignored and become part of the environment, it isn't music to listen to very actively (though possible). In the words of Eno - "It should be as interesting as it is ignorable." Please refer to the full liner notes for a thorough explanation/listening guide.
Weerman - Verdraaid
Sleath - Silent Melancholy
Weerman - Veter aan boom
Bruine Beer - Kielzog
Mandris Phinx - Simple Songs
BEAR- lonesome ☔
Weerman - Heupnotisch ☁
Bruine Beer - Hout Hakken
Sleath - Autumn Skies
A magnificent and highly personal album from the ever-mesmerizing Sleath. His second album after the critically acclaimed debut 'Silent Melancholy' - Autumn Skies comes as a treat for fans of Sleath's unique approach to the singer-songwriter persona.
Eilandeilanden - Eilandeilanden
The debut album eilandeilanden by eilandeilanden. A highly premature release. Imagine yourself very remotely on a sunny island surrounded by friendly bureaucrats, having very strange mutual relationships. Imagine yourself on a journey where you are submerged in relaxing awkwardness. Imagine yourself in that workshop you really find useless, but you had to go, in a way that you enjoy every piece of it, despite the atmosphere of painful silence-based awkwardness. Imagine yourself on the eilandeilanden, a holiday destination without escape possibilities. This is eilandeilanden.
Bruine B€€r - Glaswerk
Mandris ϕnx - Leisteen
Cloud world
Cloud world best world.
Weerman - Murak
Looping Techno Works
Weerman - Pelgrim
Brüno Braunbär 🏬
Bruine Beer - Verjaren
Weerman - Raaf EP
With the coldness outside, Weerman invites you into hot 'n sweaty rave-dungeons and basements, by offering five menacing, high energy party bombs. Gathering dust in the archives, the time feels right to release them now. Enjoy 🎧 💪 🎧
Mandirs ϕnx - 𝑲𝕆ΣℳΩƵ
Great news fellow vuilbakkians! Vuilbak artist and veteran time traveler Mandris Phinx released his third album - Kosmos. Full of existential cosmic contemplation, Herr Drilller's new album is a treat for the lo/sci-fi-acoustic-folk lover. Our colorful-but ape reveals his excellent song writing skills as well as vocal capacities more than ever, with an unprecedented level of self-consciousness. Being the most mature release yet of the one and only vuilbak-finger-picker hero, it is safe to say that this record will last for lightyears. A small note - If you're not that fond of the fingerpicking/chord strumming madness (which I doubt), I would still recommend the outro "thermal extinction".
Weerman - Knetter
King Charles Untold Tales - His name …
weerman in het algemeen
Weerman - Wig Walm
One of Vuilbak's most prolific artists returns to the label, offering a batch of sweet-on-the-ears tracks. Incorporating a wide variety of samples and field recordings, offered by his labelhead and upstairs neighbour, these tracks are some of his most organic and layered yet. Also included in this release is a first ever collaboration between Sierfruit and Weerman. Give it a spin xoxo
Weerman - Gigod
Oh man, weerman does it again. Need something to spice up your day? Weerman has been sleeping on this four-tracker for quite a while now. Gigod offers you an escape from your daily grind and takes you on a journey which will make your ears glow. Ademnood and Gigod are dense and deep excursions into the dubby spectrum of electronic music. The flipside invites you out on the dancefloor. The pace gets picked up, Intens and Ongemak are Weerman's most club-ready tracks yet and make you want to move your bottocks. Note - Vuilbak is not responsible for any dislocated body parts.
Ongetitelde tentoonstelling met meerdere kamers
Sierfruit - Telefoon
Bruine Beer - Leo (bescheiden)
Bruine Beer - Vrachtwagen
Schuimkraag - Unreleased Tracks
Schuimkraag - Mosformaties
vuilbak is a ghent based record-label and collective, widely regarded as one of the leading organisations in the avant-garde of the beestenmarkt neighborhood.
Schuimkraag - Gruis